Week 2 TPT Seller Challenge- Dare to Dream

I'm so excited about the TpT Seller Challenge that is going on right now.  You can learn about it here. With a new baby, I'm a little off schedule, but I have slowly been working on things.  Week 1's challenge was Makeover Madness.  You can read about my makeover here.

Week 2's challenge was Dare to Dream. I love TpT, both buying and selling.  I am so grateful for the things I have been able to accomplish thanks to TpT, from teaching awesome lessons and using great products that I've purchased to going on vacations with money I've made from selling.  When I think about my future TpT goals, these are the things that come to mind.
1. Create quality curriculum for my classroom.  Everything I create, I use with my students.  I am always looking for ways to reach and teach my students.  I want to be able to continue to develop curriculum and activities that can be used easily in the classroom.

2. Help other teachers.  Teaching is a challenging job.  It's especially challenging when you have little curriculum, lack of support, and/or students with a disability.  I want to be able to help both special ed and regular ed teachers in reaching their all of their students.

3. Of course, I started my TpT store in hopes of earning some extra spending money.  I feel better about spending money for things in my classroom when the money isn't directly coming out of my paycheck.  I want to continue to have extra money to spend on whatever I want without feeling guilty about buying things!

4. As a long term goal, I would love to use my TpT earnings to finish our basement.  We recently purchased a new house with an unfinished basement and would like to be able to have room to grow in the future.

TpT has been an amazing adventure and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow my store and learn from the amazing teacher sellers!  


  1. Great dreams!! And congratulations on the new baby! :)

  2. These dreams are amazing! I love having a little extra spending money to fuel my shopping and TPT habits. :) Congrats on your new baby!

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing your dreams! I hope you are able to get your basement complete! Congratulations on the new baby!


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