Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Story Based Literacy Unit for Special Education

It's here! It's here! This unit has been years in the making and I am so excited to share it with you! 

If you're new to Story Based Literacy, I suggest starting with this post that explains what it is and why you'd want to implement it. 

If you're ready to dive in, let's take a closer look at what's inside.

The Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Story Based Literacy Unit includes everything you need (except the book)! It includes comprehension components, vocabulary, story elements, and activities. 

It's a detailed novel study designed for students with moderate to severe disabilities that aligns with Common Core and Essential Elements standards. In my self-contained classroom, we do one Story Based Literacy unit per year. You will need 20-30 minutes a day for Story Based Literacy. 

I included several different weekly outlines that vary on the number of days of instruction per week. There are also more detailed lesson plans for each day.

Communication Boards:

There is a communication board included for each chapter. I like to laminate a set for each student and bind them so they have a communication book for the entire unit. I included 2 levels- Level 1 is more simplified with 28 boxes and Level 2 has more core vocabulary and 42 boxes total.

Each chapter communication board includes the chapter's characters, setting, and vocabulary words. It also includes 3-4 emotions and fringe vocabulary with chapter details. I love using the communication boards to follow along while listening to the story, and they're also great supports for students to answer comprehension questions.

Chapter 1 communication board
Level 1 Communication Board

Chapter 1 communication board
Level 2 Communication Board


There are three levels of interactive vocab cards included. I like to use these as an alternative to the worksheets with my students with more severe motor delays, or just with students who dislike worksheets. You could even turn these into a file folder activity or an interactive bulletin board.

Level 1 Interactive Vocab Cards
Level 2 Interactive Vocab Cards

Level 3 Interactive Vocab Cards

Vocabulary Flashcards

There are also vocab pictures and definitions that go along with the Student Interactive Notebooks. Students can either write the definition or use the cut and paste option provided. 

When teaching vocabulary, I like to provide examples and non-examples, and we review the words all week. In a future post, I will go into more detail about how to teach vocabulary and use the Interactive Notebooks.


There are a total of 15 activities. The activities are my favorite part because they provide an easy way to tie in other subject areas. I like to do the activities at the end of the week after reading the chapter they align with. Sometimes we do them as a whole class, and sometimes we split into small groups, depending on the activity and the level of supports needed. This unit includes science experiments, art projects, math activities, writing tasks, and more.



The Charlie & the Chocolate Factory unit includes three levels of comprehension questions- yes/no questions, WH questions, and inference questions. There are 20 questions per chapter. The communication boards are closely aligned with the questions, so students can use their communication board to answer or as support. 

I purchase the Kindle edition of the book and add all of the comprehension questions as notes in the Kindle book. You can add them right at the end of the sentence where you want to ask the question. 

Story Elements:

Story Elements are a huge component of Story Based Literacy. The bulletin board is set up for each chapter and used throughout the week to guide discussions. Students can help set up the board by deciding if a story element card is a character or a setting. They also help sequence the main events of the plot using the chapter plot cards. 

There are also story elements worksheets included. These are a great component to the class bulletin board display. After setting up the bulletin board with your students, you can give a story elements worksheet to each student and have them complete the worksheet to match the bulletin board.

Interactive Notebook & Plot Cards
Interactive Notebook & Plot Cards
Story Elements Worksheets
Story Elements Worksheets

Each SBL unit also includes a comprehension data sheet, a standards alignment guide, and a file with tons of information about getting started.
Comprehension data sheet and pens

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