5 Ideas for Classroom Organization

Classroom organization is a constant battle! Searching through other teachers' classroom organization ideas on Instagram is a top hobby of mine! As a special education teacher, I had curriculum and resources for multiple grade levels. I needed to be able to easily find and use all the things that I had, so I was constantly re-organizing. Here are some of my favorite organization supplies that I used in my classroom!

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1. Rolling cart 

These rolling carts are awesome for storing materials for small groups or your morning meeting/ circle time. I kept mine in the front of my classroom by the whiteboard with all of my markers, lesson targets that I switched out each month, and letters for our letter board that we used to write the date each day. I also have one that I use for a prep cart in my office.


2. Teacher Toolbox

As a SPED teacher, I used my teacher toolbox to store extra visuals and schedule icons. But they are also great for school supplies. If you need some cute labels, I have tons of designs here.

3. Task boxes

Ok, I might have a slight obsession with these task boxes, but they are amazing! I love using task boxes to store all of my independent work tasks. They are also great for individual sets of manipulatives.

4. Pencil pouches

Pencil pouches are my go-to every year when the school supply sales hit! I Velcro them to the back of my student's chairs so they can keep their supplies organized. They are also great for storing manipulatives or work tasks.


5. Mesh Zipper Pouches

These mesh zipper pouches are surprisingly durable. I love all the different sizes! They are great for organizing units or flashcards. I use these for everything!

Did I miss anything? What are your favorites for classroom organization?

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