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There are so many ways to use this Abstract Oasis clip chart pack! There are several premade options, including a behavior clip chart, a writing process clip chart, a lunch choice clip chart, and a transportation clip chart. There is also an editable version included so you can customize it to meet your classroom needs. 

1- Behavior Chart: Students start on "Ready to Learn" and can earn to move up on the chart for positive behavior or down on the chart for negative behavior. Also includes mini individual clip charts and a monthly and weekly behavior tracker. 
2- Writing Process: Includes a prewriting, writing, revising, editing, conferencing, and publishing page.
3- Lunch Choice: Students can place their clothespins on the page that represents their lunch choice. Includes lunch choice options with space to write the choices each day.
4- Transportation Chart: Students indicate how they are getting home from school by clipping the corresponding page.

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Abstract Oasis Clip Chart


This digital download includes PDF files and an editable PPT (Powerpoint) file.

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