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Are you required to display your learning targets for each lesson? This vibrant and warm desert objective board is a perfect solution and a huge time saver! Easily display the focus of each lesson, mastery criteria, and key vocabulary with this editable focus board. This resource includes multiple design options for you to mix and match.

This product includes:

  • Subject headers (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, Spelling, Art) in 3 design options
  • Editable subject headers
  • "Objectives" bulletin board header
  • "Today's Focus" bulletin board header
  • Learning Objectives, Essential Question, Success Criteria posters
  • Objective sheets to type your learning targets


The Abstract Oasis Decor line warm colors and desert landscapes. It's trendy but simple, and great for any grade level.

Abstract Oasis Objective & Focus Board


This digital download includes PDF files and an editable PPT (Powerpoint) file.

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