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This bundle includes 3 sets of skip counting task cards with themes that can be used anytime throughout the year! These are excellent practice for students working on skip counting by 2, 5 and 10. Students count the number of objects on each task card and indicate the correct number. These task cards are great for independent work or math centers! Skip counting is a prerequisite skill for multiplication and is a great way to get students ready to start multiplying!

Each task card set includes 33 cards at 4 levels (so it's already differentiated for you!) and includes a recording sheet for student accountability. Check out the preview for a closer look at each set and the levels.


⭐Level 1: Circle the correct number from an array of 3

⭐Level 2: Circle the correct number on the number line

⭐Level 3: Trace the correct number on the number line

⭐Level 4: Write the correct number

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Anytime Skip Counting Task Card Bundle

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