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Don't waste your money on resources that you won't use with your older students! This classroom decor bundle is perfect for upper elementary, middle school, or high school classrooms! It includes 8 resources that are designed to fit the needs of a secondary classroom. Your students will love having a welcoming and cohesive classroom environment, without all the "cutesy" fonts and clipart. Classroom decor doesn't just have to be for elementary students!


The Succulent Classroom Decor is designed to create a rustic and simple learning environment. The wood and chalkboard textures transform your drab classroom into a chic farmhouse.


What's Included?

Banner: Build your own banner for your bulletin boards or door sign. This resource includes three design options.

Binder Covers: Get organized with these editable binder covers and spines.Golden 

Toolbox Labels: Use these labels to organize your school and desk supplies in your teacher toolbox.

Labels: Label all the things with 30+ pages of editable labels in multiple designs and sizes.

Objective & Focus Board: This set makes it easy to display your lesson focus or objective to your students and administration.

Punch Pass Cards: This classroom management tool is so versatile. You can use punch cards to help decrease bathroom and locker trips, keep track of assignments or provide positive reinforcement to your students.

Schedule Cards: Use these editable schedule cards to display your class schedule and assist students with transitions and time management.

Classroom Rules: These editable posters can be used to display your classroom rules and expectations.


Create a cohesive and colorful home away from home with Miss Lulu Classroom Decor!



Use the hashtag #missluluclassroomdecor and post pictures of your classroom for a chance to win a gift card or free product!

Succulent Secondary Pack


This digital download includes PDF files and an editable PPT (Powerpoint) file.

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