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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! In case no one has told you yet, you are an amazing teacher and you are making a difference every day!

As teachers, we get the opportunity to work and collaborate with other wonderful professionals everyday and teacher appreciation week is a perfect time to show them how their input, feedback and teamwork matters to us. I went to Pinterest to find some cute gift ideas with tags and became super frustrated because they were hard to find! So I created some and I want to share a few of my favorite quick and easy ideas for teacher appreciation gifts that you can give to your special education department, general education teachers, and even your paraprofessionals. And you can grab the tags for free because I appreciate you!

I've included 4 tags. Here's the gifts you will need to go to each one-

1. Nail polish

2. Soap or hand sanitizer

3. Soda

4. Lifesavers

My hands down favorite teacher appreciation gift to give is a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card. And teacher appreciation is a perfect week for a gift card because TpT usually has a sitewide sale! This year, it's May 8-9 and you can get an extra discount with the code


Grab your free tags (and bonus print) here! Here's to you! Happy teacher appreciation week!




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