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This vibrant desert calendar set includes everything you need to create a classroom calendar display. This trendy boho calendar set will be the highlight of your classroom decor with its warm colors, desert landscapes, and minimalist graphics! Print, cut out, laminate and use with any calendar pocket chart or use the included calendar poster. This resource includes calendar numbers, month and day of the week headers, special event cards, a weather & seasons chart, and more! This resource includes US and Australian calendar holidays. Perfect for your classroom morning meetings or circle time.


The Abstract Oasis decor line features contemporary abstract landscape backgrounds with a desert oasis theme. With warm accent colors and simple icon graphics, this bundle is trendy & contemporary. 


This Calendar Includes:

- Calendar Poster Templates

- Months of the Year (2 sizes)

- Days of the Week (3 sizes)

- Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday Indicators

- Calendar Numbers

- Holidays & Special Event Cards (US & Australian)

- Editable Holiday & Event Cards

- Years (2 sizes)

- Birthday Poster (8.5""x11"") 5 color choices

- Upcoming Events Poster (8.5""x11"") 5 color choices

- Days in School Chart

- Weather Chart

- Seasons Chart (Fall & Autumn cards included)

Abstract Oasis Calendar Set


This digital download includes PDF files and an editable PPT (Powerpoint) file.

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