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It is often difficult to find age-appropriate materials for our older special education students who cannot complete grade-level tasks. These work tasks were designed for secondary students with severe disabilities. The graphics and fonts for these tasks were chosen to be age appropriate and motivating for secondary students. Each task is suitable for year-round use & comes in 3 levels.


Set 1 focuses on basic color and shape matching and identification and includes 6 tasks total (each at 3 levels).


Task 1: Matching Colors

Task 2: Matching 2D Shapes

Task 3: Matching 3D Shapes

Task 4: Identify Colors

Task 5: Identify Shapes

Task 6: Identify 3D Shapes


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This document, in its entirety, is copyrighted. You may not claim any part of it as your own. You may not share or sell any part of this product. This product is designed for personal use in one classroom only. Want to share this with your teacher friends? For use in multiple classrooms, please email me to purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate. I work hard to provide resources for your use that are convenient and affordable. Please respect my work by respecting my terms of use.

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