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Reading in Real Life (RIRL) Series is a functional reading program that uses evidence based instructional practices to teach students functional words that they see in everyday life. Once students master the included words, they can practice reading the words in a variety of different activities. Ideally, students should also have exposure to the words in the natural setting whenever possible. This program is excellent for students with significant disabilities, such as Autism or Down syndrome, or students who are learning English as a second language. High quality graphics make RIRL age appropriate for any grade.


The Colors edition includes activities and worksheets for 12 color words. It is recommended that the student masters the words in the unit order, according to each unit's word list. Each unit is broken up into sections in which 4 new words are introduced at a time. As students master the new words, they are added to their maintenance list.


This unit includes the following:

  • Lesson Plan, Weekly Outline & Data Sheets
  • Flashcards (with and without pictures)
  • Matching and Handwriting Worksheets
  • Comprehension Worksheets
  • Real Life Reading Passages
  • Puzzles
  • File Folder Activities
  • Bingo Games
  • Fluency Phrases
  • Mini Book for each color

Colors & Color Words Functional Reading Unit


This document, in its entirety, is copyrighted. You may not claim any part of it as your own. You may not share or sell any part of this product. This product is designed for personal use in one classroom only. Want to share this with your teacher friends? For use in multiple classrooms, please email me to purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate. I work hard to provide resources for your use that are convenient and affordable. Please respect my work by respecting my terms of use.

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