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File folder activities are great for language arts or reading centers, or independent work! This set includes 23 file folder activities for special education or early elementary students that cover multiple foundational reading, language and grammar skills! Check out the preview for a closer look at the activities!


File Folder Activities Included:

Sweater Letters (uppercase & lowercase matching)

Leafy Letters (uppercase & lowercase sorting)

Syllable Slam Dunk (counting syllables)

Rhyme Time (matching rhyming pictures)

Missing Medial Sounds (CVC words middle sounds)

Star CVC Spelling (spelling CVC words)

Long or Short? Vowel Sort (sort pictures by long or short vowels)

Opposites (matching opposite pictures)

Leap Frog Prepositions (matching prepositions)

Classroom Prepositions (labeling prepositions)

Kitchen Prepositions (labeling prepositions)

Punctuation Party (complete the sentence with correct punctuation)

Shopping for Nouns (sort by person, place or thing)

Lights, Camera, Action! (identify the verb)

Noun or Verb? Sort (sort nouns and verbs)

Juggling Singular & Plural Nouns (sort singular and plural nouns)

Awesome Adjectives (choose the picture that matches the adjective)

Arrange the Adjectives (put adjectives in order)

Sticky Adverbs & Adjectives (sort adjectives and adverbs)

Fruity Articles (choose the correct article)

Sentences with Scenes (sentence expansion)

Types of Sentences (sort by sentence type)

Prefix Picnic (sort by prefix)

Language Arts File Folders for Special Education


This document, in its entirety, is copyrighted. You may not claim any part of it as your own. You may not share or sell any part of this product. This product is designed for personal use in one classroom only. Want to share this with your teacher friends? For use in multiple classrooms, please email me to purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate. I work hard to provide resources for your use that are convenient and affordable. Please respect my work by respecting my terms of use.

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