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Matching is an essential skill for beginning learners! This set of matching tasks includes 10 matching boards focused on physical science. This set is aligned to DLM Essential Elements Science standards. It is perfect for independent work for students with Autism or in special education. Each set includes errorless matching, identical matching and non-identical matching boards. You can prep these for binder work, file folders, or even cut and paste worksheets. Cut, laminate, velcro & use over and over again!


When teaching matching skills, I like to start with errorless matching activities so that students understand where to place the pictures and how to complete the task. Next, I present one matching card at a time. As students get more proficient with the skill, I give them more than one card to match at a time, until they are finally able to complete the task independently. I like to start with matching identical pictures first, then move to matching non-identical pictures, and finally to matching words to pictures.


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Physical Science Matching Independent Work Tasks Essential Elements Aligned


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