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Work tasks are a great way to work on independent skills in a special education setting. But it is often difficult to find age appropriate materials for our older special education students who are not able to complete tasks at grade level. These work tasks were designed for secondary students with severe disabilities and are aligned to the DLM Essential Elements Science standards. Three step visual directions for each task are included. The graphics and fonts for these tasks were chosen to be age-appropriate and motivating for any age group. Each task is suitable for year-round use & comes in 3 levels.


Set 8 includes 16 science tasks (each task comes in 3 levels).


Task 1: Organs

Task 2: Body Systems

Task 3: Animal Habitats

Task 4: Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore

Task 5: Food Chains

Task 6: States of Matter

Task 7: Changes in Matter

Task 8: Forces & Motion

Task 9: Changes in Motion

Task 10: Weather Forecast

Task 11: Recycle or Trash?

Task 12: Human Impacts: Pollution

Task 13: Is It Magentic?

Task 14: Does It Grow?

Task 15: Is It Food?

Task 16: Natural Disasters

Science Independent Work Tasks for Secondary Students


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