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Add functional life skills instruction to your morning meeting or calendar time with Sign of the Week! This curriculum teaches 36 community and safety signs that are appropriate for any age level. Sign of the Week is the perfect addition to your special education classroom. Students will learn what the community sign is, to describe it, where it is located, and it's meaning.


Sign of the Week is great for whole-class functional life skills instruction, small groups, or even one on one IEP goals! The Sign of the Week curriculum includes a digital component with worksheets for use with Google Slides and a weekly quiz for Google Forms. Teachers can also use the included PowerPoint presentations to teach the sign each week, while students complete their workbooks.


This resource includes:

  • Bulletin board header
  • Interactive bulletin board display
  • Weekly worksheets (4 different levels)
  • Google Slides weekly worksheets
  • Google Form weekly quiz
  • PowerPoint presentations for teaching each sign


Also available:

▶Sign of the Week Adapted Books Bundle

▶Sign of the Week Match It! Independent Work Tasks

▶Sign of the Week Yes or No Task Cards


This bundle includes books for the following signs:

✔ stop

✔ exit

✔ go

✔ restroom

✔ men

✔ women

✔ poison

✔ open

✔ closed

✔ police

✔ off

✔ on

✔ push

✔ pull

✔ office

✔ bus

✔ telephone

✔ bike trail

✔ beware of dog

✔ do not touch

✔ wash hands

✔ walk

✔ out of order

✔ first aid

✔ keep off

✔ don't walk

✔ crosswalk

✔ elevator

✔ escalator

✔ lost and found

✔ food

✔ library

✔ water

✔ keep out

✔ wheelchair accessible

✔ do not enter

Sign of the Week Community Signs Curriculum for Special Education


This document, in its entirety, is copyrighted. You may not claim any part of it as your own. You may not share or sell any part of this product. This product is designed for personal use in one classroom only. Want to share this with your teacher friends? For use in multiple classrooms, please email me to purchase additional licenses at a discounted rate. I work hard to provide resources for your use that are convenient and affordable. Please respect my work by respecting my terms of use.

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