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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

If you're not using visual schedules in your classroom yet, you are missing out! Not only do they provide students with a visual reminder of the events of the day, but they help with anxiety, provide organization and structure, teach time concepts, and promote independence. Here are ten different ideas for types of visual schedules for your students with autism or other disabilities.


1. Red Yellow Green Visual Schedule

I love how this schedule uses the stoplight colors to indicate what's currently happening and what's next!

2. First/Then Schedule

I'm a huge fan of the "First, Then" schedule. And the binder storage for extra images would really help keep everything organized.

3. Task Schedule with Reinforcers

I love, love, love how the pill box holds a reinforcer. This would be perfect for students who need immediate reinforcement after completing a task.

4. First/ Next/ Then Schedule

This takes the idea of "First, Then" to the next level, and it's perfect for students who are beyond First/Then but not quite ready for a full day schedule.

5. Color Coded Visual Schedules

Keep track of what visuals belong to who by printing on colored paper! I also love the icons at the top of these schedules for an extra visual cue.

6. Flap Schedule

Students close the flap when the task is done. This is great for students that don't have the motor skills to place the icon in a "finished" pocket or container.

7. iPad Visual Schedule

This $13 app looks amazing! Drag and drop when the task is finished.

8. Finished Box

What a great idea to use an index card holder to place the icons in when finished.

9. Whole Class Daily Schedule

This is a great way to display your classroom schedule in either a special education classroom or a general education classroom. This type of schedule would be great for students who are working on telling time!

10. Clipboard Visual Schedules

These are easy to carry around and display! I love the To Do and the Done side for task completion.

How do you decide what type of visual schedule to use in your classroom?

Miss Lulu SIgnature




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