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Handwriting can be especially difficult for students with cognitive disabilities or fine motor challenges. I work with many students who have spent years of instruction working on letter formation. I often recommend that teachers implement the use of technology to support handwriting because, while we know that repetition is important, doing the same thing for many years can get boring. Here are three of my favorite apps for students to use to improve handwriting.

3 apps for student handwriting


Writing Wizard Handwriting App

Cost $4.99 (one-time fee)

Includes pre-writing strokes, letters, numbers, and words

Writing Wizard app for handwriting

What I like about it:

The Writing Wizard app starts with an animated model of the letter strokes. Then, students trace the letter.

You can change the settings for errors. If students make a mistake, you can have the app stay in place, go back to the last key point, or go back to the start. I also like that students must continually hold down their finger or pencil to write. It's not just animated if they start the stroke.

Writing Wizard student handwriting customizations

With this app, the teacher can program custom words. It's so important to practice handwriting in application, so this is a great way to give meaning to a task.

Another amazing feature of this app is that the teacher can generate or print reports. Talk about easy data collection! You can export student work as a PDF and add it to their data binders or send it home for parents to see student work.

Writing Wizard handwriting student report

For only $5, this app is a great choice for handwriting practice for your students!

iTrace Handwriting App

Cost $3.99 (one-time fee)

Includes letters, numbers, name and words

itrace app for student handwriting

What I like about it:

The app starts with a step-by-step model and then provides guided dots for student assistance. I love that you can see the actual strokes you make on the app. Students must stay inside the lines, or there is an error correction.

itrace sample screenshot handwriting

Students must practice each letter three times. Each time, they are given a star, either gold, silver, or bronze, based on performance.

This app allows you to customize strokes for individual letters.

The teacher can view student history and errors. This is great for data collection!

itrace student handwriting history

LetterSchool Handwriting App

Cost $44.99 (per year)

Includes pre-writing strokes, letters, numbers and words

LetterSchool app for student handwriting

What I like about it:

This app has a three step process for each letter. First, it provides a step by step model. Next, students practice tracing with a fun animation. Finally, students practice writing without the tracing lines. This is the only app from the three that allows students to practice without tracing.

This app has so many fun animations! It's very engaging and bright.

Let me know if you try any of these handwriting apps out in your classroom! I'd love to hear how they go!

Miss Lulu Special Ed




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