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Let's talk apps! I love using the iPads and tablets in my classroom for education purposes, not just for reinforcement. Here are some of my favorites in my special education classroom.

5 Academic Apps

Sight Words Ninja: Just like Fruit Ninja, but with Sight Words. Totally worth the few dollars it costs!

Touch & Learn: There are a bunch of apps from this creator and I love them all. They are very customizable, so you can target just the skills that your student needs to work on.

The Math Learning Center Apps: These apps are a great way to incorporate technology into your math lessons, and they are free!

Next Dollar Up: This app isn't free, but it's a great extension if you have students who are learning the Next Dollar method.

Letter Quiz: Include letter tracing, letter ID and letter matching. And it's fun!

4 Alternative & Augmentative Communication or Assistive Tech Apps

CoughDrop: This AAC app is free for professionals and super easy to use!

Sounding Board: This free AAC app from Attainment comes with several pre-made boards and you can create your own.

Snaptype: This is a super easy way to make accommodations. Snap a picture of a worksheet, and students can type their answers!

Audio Exam: This is perfect for your students who have read aloud testing accommodations. Students can plug in their ear buds and listen to the test without having to leave the room. They don't have to worry about feeling singled out or different from their peers, they can take the test right in the room with their accommodations. Plus, this makes it easier for teachers because they don't have to find additional time/space/staffing to test students with read aloud accommodations.

3 Teacher Apps

Tally 2: Tally 2 is a great app to record frequency. It uses gestures, so you don't even have to be staring at your device to record an instance. #anythingtomakeiteasier

Interview Assistant: Do you hire your own paras? I use Interview Assistant to keep track of my interview questions and interviewee responses. You can even record audio of the actual interview and rate the interview at the end, for your own reference later on.

ClassTag: ClassTag is an amazing and free communication app that I started using to minimize paper exchange with the Covid pandemic. You can post events, volunteer and donation requests, stories and announcements, and even sign ups for Parent Teacher Conferences.

2 Social Skills Apps

Puppet Pals: Puppet Pals is a fun way to create social stories. It’s quick & easy and my students love it!

Pictello: This one is a little more expensive, but it's great for social stories or about my day books. You can make visual stories about a student's day using real photos or videos and the student can share them with peers or parents!

1 Organization App

Evernote: Evernote helps keep my brain organized at home and at work. Its so easy to use and I love having it right on my phone so I can use it anywhere. I create a “note” for each of my students where I keep a continuous to do list. And it’s free!

Have you used any of these? What are your favorite apps?




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