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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As a new special education teacher, it takes a lot of time to collect and prep classroom activities for students at multiple levels. You want to make sure you have enough on hand to easily differentiate for students, and that you can quickly grab to minimize downtime. This new resource line was designed to help with this exact issue!

Who has time to cut, laminate and Velcro dozens of work tasks before the school year starts? Not me! Easy Prep Clip Cards are a quick task that can be used with multiple students, and the best part is that they don't take nearly as much time to prep as task boxes, adapted books or file folder activities. Just laminate and cut them in half and you are ready to go.

Seven ways to use easy prep clip cards

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Once you've got your Easy Prep Clip Cards prepped and ready to use, here are some fun ways to use them in the classroom.

Clothespins or Paper Clips

Using clothespins or even paper clips is great for fine motor development. Plus, you most likely have paper clips on hand, and clothespins are inexpensive and easy to find.

Shapes Easy Prep Clip Cards with clothespins

Magnetic Chips & Magnet Wand

I love finding ways to make school work more engaging, and I think using magnetic chips and a magnet wand does just that! Students can set a chip on each of the target pictures and then clear it with the magnet wand after checking with a teacher.

Halloween Easy Prep Clip Cards with magnet wand

Craft Pom Poms

Using craft pom poms gives this task more sensory input for students that need it. Throw in a pair of tongs and you've got a great fine motor skill too!

Thanksgiving Easy Prep Clip Cards with craft pom poms


If you're feeling brave, bust out the playdough containers and let students smash playdough balls onto their Easy Prep Clip Cards to show their answers.

Colors Easy Prep Clip Cards with playdough

Mini Erasers

I can't stay away from the Target Dollar Spot mini erasers, and this is a perfect way to put them to use!

Blends Easy Prep Clip Strips with mini erasers

Bingo Daubers

You can use Bingo daubers on laminated paper and they will wipe off easily. These are another fun way to respond with Easy Prep Clip Cards.

Hole Punch

If you want to take this low-prep activity to an even easier level, just print the cards and have students use a hole punch to record their answers. No laminating required!

Ready to try them out? Grab yourself a free set and see how well they work in your classroom!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you've used Easy Prep Clip Cards in your classroom!




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