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It's hard to teach in December. Everyone is ready for winter break! Here are some fun resources and supplies to spice up your classroom in December.

classroom favorites for December

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Christmas Boutique Budgeting Unit

This Christmas Budgeting Unit is perfect for students who are working on functional money skills!

Christmas Counting Task Cards

If you have students working on counting, these task cards are a great way to address IEP goals. Even better, this special education resource includes 4 differentiated levels so you can use it with a variety of students!

Winter Errorless Sentence Helpers

Provide scaffolded writing support with this Winter Sentence Helpers resource. Students move from errorless writing to generating their own sentences, all with a winter theme. This resource will be a hit this December in your special education classroom.

Winter Holidays Match It!

These Match It! activities are perfect for independent work tasks, work binders, file folder activities, or even cut and paste worksheets.


Holiday Greeting Cards Pack

These greeting cards are blank inside, making them perfect for a functional writing center in your classroom this December! Students can practice writing cards and addressing them to friends and family.

Christmas Colored Pom Poms

Spice up your independent work tasks with some Christmas themed pom poms! Looking for a quick and easy task box to create? Throw these pom poms in a sorting or matching task. For students who are still working at an errorless level, these are great for "put it in" tasks too.

Instant Snow!

I loved using instant snow during December in my classroom. This is a great science activity! Instant Snow can also be used in a sensory bin.

Christmas Mini Presents

These adorable little foil gift boxes are another great option for work tasks. Students can match them or sort by color. For students who aren't quite ready to match yet, you can also create a "put it in" task box.

Christmas Vase Filler

This cute Christmas vase filler has so many uses in your classroom this December! You can throw these into a sensory bin or use them as math manipulatives. If you have students with counting IEP goals, it's great to switch up your counting objects for generalization and to keep students interested and motivated.

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