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We know compliance is crucial in our jobs as special educators, but let's be honest. Keeping up with IEP deadlines and paperwork on top of the other teaching requirements can be challenging. You need a system if you want to make sure you don't miss an IEP!

Here's how to get organized with your IEP deadlines.

get organized with IEP deadlines


You'll want to follow these steps in your planner, Google calendar, or whatever system you use.

1. Add all meeting due dates.

Use the IEP Due Dates Calendar to write out your annual IEP meeting due dates and re-evaluations. Then, add these dates to your planner.

IEP due dates calendar on an iPad

2. Add reminders to schedule meetings.

For each meeting, go back a few weeks to one month and write in a reminder to schedule.

I ask my teachers to schedule IEP meetings with me one month in advance because my schedule fills up fast, so this is one way to make sure you have all the required team members at the meetings.

You may have a specific deadline in your district for scheduling meetings, so make sure you follow district requirements.

3. Write reminders to send home drafts and necessary paperwork.

One week before the meeting, write in a reminder to send home a draft of the IEP goals. This is so important for parent input and preparedness. Just make sure to add a DRAFT watermark! You can also use this reminder to send home your Prior Written Noteice.

Once you get a system in place for staying on top of all the meeting deadlines, you'll feel much better about managing everything! Don't forget to download your FREE IEP Due Dates Calendar. It includes a printable version and a digital version.

You've got this!

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