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Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Trying to decide on a classroom theme for the new school year? Here's a peek at my favorite classroom decor bundle! With cool colors and watercolor floral accents, it's a calming and beautiful way to tie your classroom together.

Calm & Cool Watercolor Classroom Theme


Classroom Supply Labels

These pen and marker cups will look adorable sitting on my desk, out of student reach! These classroom labels come in so many different sizes and shapes, and you can add your text and favorite font to organize your classroom supplies!

Watercolor Word Wall

Word Wall
Word Wall

These will be laminated and hung on the wall for our Word Wall. Grab them for free in the resource library. If you prefer alphabet posters with pictures for your younger students, they are a part of the Word Wall resource.

Classroom Supplies Storage

Manipulatives Storage
Manipulatives Storage

I LOVE these locker storage bins from The Dollar Tree. I snatched up all of these colors as soon as I saw them, and they haven't had the same color since. I'm going to replace the labels with the Calm & Cool labels set!

Watercolor Classroom Calendar

This calendar is by far my favorite part of the room. The colors look so good together, and they pop on the black background!

Classroom Binder Covers & Spines

Data Binders

Ignore the dirty binders. I love using data binders for each student. It makes data collection much easier in my classroom. Now I just need to teach the students to put them away in an ABAB pattern!

Want to use a Calm & Cool Watercolor theme for your classroom? Grab the bundle!

Tell me about your classroom decor! Are you re-decorating this year? What's your classroom theme? Leave me a comment below!




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