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It's finally April, which means we have hit the end of the year countdown. Teachers, it's the time of the year when the days fly by and drag on at the same time! We are so ready for summer, and our students are too. Here are some fun, hands on activities and resources to help you get through those last few months of school.

favorite classroom resources and supplies for April and spring

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Life Science Match It! Independent Task

This matching set is aligned to the DLM Essential Elements standards, so it's a great way to review skills that students have learned throughout the year in preparation for the end of the year testing.

Weather Errorless Sentence Helpers

If you're doing a spring weather unit, these errorless sentence helpers are a great way to support students in writing sentences. They come in 3 phases so you can use them with your whole class.

Spring More & Less Task Cards

Task cards are my favorite way to practice a skill! They can easily be added to a structured work system, hung around the room for a write-the-room activity, or simply given as desk work. If you have students that are working on the concept of more and less, these are a great option.

Spring Next Dollar/Dollar Up Puzzles

You can grab this one for FREE in the resource library. It's a great Fun Friday activity or math center!


Life Cycle Models

If you're teaching a unit about life cycles this month, these life cycle figures are a great way to make learning more hands on and concrete.


Student emotions and behavior frequently spikes towards the end of the year. These little sensory bags are a great addition to a calm down corner or break space in your classroom.

Fraction Circles

I always teach fractions toward the end of the school year, so these fraction circles are a must. I love that they connect together so you don't have pieces scattered across your classroom.

Fruit Counters

How cute are these fruit counters?! They can be used for math manipulatives, or as a sorting, packaging, or put it in work task.

Egg Puzzles

These egg puzzles are a great independent work task to add to your work stations this month.

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