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Spring is almost here! I am over the cold and snow, and so are your students, so this month's classroom favorites are full of color. Check them out!

classroom resources and supplies for March

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Shamrock Pattern Tasks & Worksheets

These new pattern strips are perfect for file folders or work tasks! You can even send the worksheets home for homework to reinforce the skill. Check them out!

Holiday Cookie Math Flip Books

No more boring worksheets or flashcards! These math flipbooks are perfect for students with counting or addition IEP goals! These adapted books will give your students extra practice on essential math skills. There are 6 holidays included, so you can use this resource across the entire school year.

Spring Errorless Sentence Helpers

Do your students struggle to write complete sentences that make sense? These Sentence Helpers are designed to provide scaffolded instruction for students with disabilities, beginning with errorless teaching and eventually fading prompting for students to generate their sentences. This resource includes 20 different spring themed sentence helpers, each in three phases.

St. Patrick's Day Spin & Count

You can grab this one for FREE in the resource library. It's a great Fun Friday activity or math center!


St. Patrick's Day Mini Erasers

Mini erasers are my go-to math manipulative. Counting, addition, fractions of a set, sorting...the possibilities are endless! They are also a great option for student reinforcers.

Rainbow Spiky Balls

These little spiky balls are fun to throw in a sensory bin or use for sorting IEP goals. They are great fidgets too!

Rainbow Pom Pom Sorting Set

This sorting set is so fun for March! It's a great addition to your fine motor stations.

Plastic Butterflies

I love these butterflies for patterns, sorting by attribute, describing language, etc.

St. Patrick's Day Coins

I like to use these golden coins for a fine motor independent work task.

Patterned Easter Eggs

Pair these patterned Easter eggs with a Match It! set and you have instantly made a work task way more engaging!

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