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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Want a smooth start to your school year? Teaching rules, expectations, and procedures are a MUST, regardless of what kind of classroom you are in. I always start my first few weeks by teaching, reviewing, practicing, and practicing some more. I like my classroom rules to be general and applicable to all areas, but for students to understand each rule, we need to give them specific examples. Visual supports are a must-have for teaching classroom rules in a special education setting. Here's a great way to introduce classroom rules to your students.

Back to school classroom rules sorting activity


My new classroom rules are:

1. Be safe.

2. Be kind.

3. Work hard.

4. Have fun.

I love these rules because I can fit almost every positive behavior under one of the four, and they're short, sweet, and easy to remember! On the first day back with students, I introduce our rules with a fun sorting activity. After introducing the rules, I gave each student a positive behavior example. The student shares it with the class and then places the image underneath the rule that it goes best with. All of my students can participate in this activity, and it really helps them understand what each rule means and which behaviors align with the rules. And it's super easy and low prep, exactly what you need for a first-week activity!

After teaching your rules initially, make sure you review and practice throughout the first few weeks of school. It's important not to teach them once and expect them to remember!

To help you start your year off better, you can grab the rules and the behavior visuals here for free in my resource library! Leave me a comment and let me know how the activity worked in your classroom. Happy Back to School, and good luck!

Classroom Rules and Visuals

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Elise Nicole
Elise Nicole
14 jul 2023

Is this still available somewhere? I would love this resource :)

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