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Fellow SPED friends,

I have a confession. I am addicted to Teachers Pay Teachers. Have you heard of it? I thought everyone had, but lately I've found myself explaining it to so many people!

Teachers Pay Teachers is an amazing website, full of products and freebies made by teachers for teachers. It's a wealth of high quality resources at your fingertips and if you're not using it, you need to be! Teachers Pay Teachers is quickly growing and is not only for elementary teachers, but is becoming chalk full of great resources for special educators, SLPs, and secondary teachers. You can check out my store here. Here are some tips for using TpT to find the best products and freebies to use in your classroom.


Use the search bar and narrow your search. TpT has just updated their search feature and it's a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. You can narrow your search by keyword, grade, subject, resource type and price.


Earn free products! Did you know that when you purchase a product on TpT and then leave feedback on the product that you can earn credits? Earn 20 TpT credits and get $1 off your next purchase. To leave feedback, go to the "My Purchases" section and click on Provide Feedback link. Please remember, teacher sellers work really hard on these resources. Of course, they want to create things that work for you and they appreciate your feedback. But please be kind. And if you are having technical difficulties or see a typo, please reach out to the seller through the Q&A section before leaving feedback. Most sellers are eager to help!

You can check you credits balance by clicking on the Account Balance link in the My TpT dropdown menu.


Access your purchases and your free downloads through "My Purchases". Log into your account and access your purchases from any computer or device. You can download your purchases as many times as you need to. And if a seller updates a product that you have purchased or downloaded, you can easily re-download to get the update for free!


Download the free preview, if it's available. Many sellers include a preview of their product. To get a closer look before buying, download the preview. And remember, you can zoom in and see it closer!

Many sellers also include a preview video of their products. You can view this by hovering over the video thumbnail and pressing play.


Follow your favorite sellers. This is a great way to see when your favorite sellers post new products and quickly find your favorites when you are looking for a resource. Just click the green "Follow Me" link under the seller's name when you visit their store.


TpT recently released a new fundraising tool called TpT ClassFund. You can use ClassFund to raise money to purchase TpT items. Just set it up here and share with your friends and family! Disclaimer: I do not recommend sharing your ClassFund link with your students or their parents, as it may be against your school policies.


Get more information about a resource or what it includes by reaching out to the seller through Q&A. When viewing a resource, scroll down to the reviews and click the Product Q&A tab. Make sure you also click the "Email me when seller responds" box so you receive a notification when the seller responds. You may also want to see if the question you want to ask has already been answered previously.


If you're looking for some great SPED resources, check out these sellers!

High School/ Transition Age

Middle School Age

Preschool & Elementary Age

Mrs. D's Corner

Speech & Language

Occupational Therapy


Do you sell on TpT? Are you a buyer? I'd love to check out your favorite stores! Leave a comment with your store name and your favorite stores! Thanks for reading!




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