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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Secondary special education teachers, are you constantly searching for materials that target the skill levels your students are at that are appropriate for their age? Then you need the Work Tasks for Secondary Students bundle.

This resource line is perfect for older students that need practice with skills at a lower grade level! Here's a close-up of what's included and some tips to put it to use in your classroom.

Independent Work Tasks for Secondary Students


Each set comes with 6-10 tasks, and each task comes in 2-4 levels. There are 120 tasks included in the bundle. Visual instructions for each task with real photos are included. The best part is that this set uses real photos and age-appropriate graphics, making it appropriate for kindergarten through high school!

I store these tasks in these photo containers and in pencil pouches. The included labels are color-coded by level, so it's easy to differentiate. I love to use these tasks for independent work, but they are also great for centers and early finishers.

Secondary Work Tasks Set 1: Colors & Shapes

Set 1 includes 6 color & shape tasks. Students will identify and match basic colors and 2D and 3D shapes.

  • Task 1: Matching Colors

  • Task 2: Matching 2D Shapes

  • Task 3: Matching 3D Shapes

  • Task 4: Identify Colors

  • Task 5: Identify Shapes

  • Task 6: Identify 3D Shapes

colors and shapes independent work tasks

Secondary Work Tasks Set 2: Numeracy

Set 2 includes 9 numeracy tasks. Students will practice numeracy skills from counting to comparison.

  • Task 1: Counting 1-10

  • Task 2: Counting 1-20

  • Task 3: Ten Frame Counting

  • Task 4: Subitizing

  • Task 5: Number Order

  • Task 6: Writing Numbers

  • Task 7: Number Representations

  • Task 8: Comparing Numbers

  • Task 9: Identify More & Less

numbers and counting independent work tasks

Secondary Work Tasks Set 3: Science & Social Studies

Set 3 includes 8 science and social studies tasks. There's a wide variety of tasks included in this set, from animal classification to science tools.

  • Task 1: Identify Animals

  • Task 2: Classify Animals

  • Task 3: Community Helpers

  • Task 4: U.S. Landmarks

  • Task 5: Food Groups

  • Task 6: Five Senses

  • Task 7: Identify Planets

  • Task 8: Science Tools

science and social studies independent work tasks

Secondary Work Tasks Set 4: Time & Money

Set 4 includes 8 time and money tasks. Students will work on time telling, counting money, and budgeting.

  • Task 1: Time of Day

  • Task 2: AM or PM

  • Task 3: Analog Time: Hour

  • Task 4: Analog Time: Half Hour

  • Task 5: Coin ID & Value

  • Task 6: Counting Coins

  • Task 7: Budgeting

  • Task 8: Counting Bills

Time and money independent work tasks

Secondary Work Tasks Set 5: Alphabet & Phonics

Set 5 includes 9 alphabet and phonics tasks. Students will match and write letters and practice emergent phonics skills.

  • Task 1: Match Uppercase to Lowercase

  • Task 2: Beginning Sounds

  • Task 3: Mystery Word

  • Task 4: Long & Short Vowels

  • Task 5: Sound Sorting

  • Task 6: Substitute Sounds

  • Task 7: Word Families

  • Task 8: ABC Sequencing

  • Task 9: Writing Letters

letters and phonics independent work tasks

You can check out the whole bundle or each individual set here.

How to use Secondary Work Tasks

After prepping each task, I suggest using a work task system to encourage student independence. In my classroom, each student has a work bin. Thir work bins contain the same tasks for an entire week, so they have multiple opportunities to practice and it makes prep easier for me. At the end of the week, I reset their bins for the next week.

In each bin, I give students 4-5 work tasks that are skills that they have mastered or are close to mastering. Because this is independent work time, I do not want to have them work on skills that they are just learning because this gives them opportunities to practice errors. I assign each student a color level (blue, green, or yellow), and the tasks they complete are at the appropriate level.

Ready to try them? I have a free sample of 5 ALL NEW tasks just for you. Download them in the Free Resource Library.

Or get started with the whole bundle!

work tasks for secondary students bundle

How do you use Secondary Work Tasks in your classroom? Tag me on Instagram so that I can see these tasks in action!

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