Teaching Matching Skills in Special Education

Teaching students to match is an essential language skill. It builds vocabulary and comprehension and is a prerequisite to many higher-order math skills like classification and sorting. It's especially important for emergent communication skills. Students using alternative and assistive communication devices (AAC) need to understand that the picture they are pointing to represents an actual object.

Matching Skills in Special Education with rainbow colored paint swatches

5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Next School Year

 The end of the school year is upon us, and I know that we are all excited for summer! I also know that many of you have already started thinking about next year. I get so excited to start planning for the next school year. All the changes that need to be made are fresh in my mind. I get excited to try new schedules, new activities and routines, and work with new students. But I don’t like to spend a big chunk of my summer planning for the school year, so I try to get as much ready now as possible. Here are a few things teachers can do now to prepare for the next school year!

5 things you can do to prepare for next school year with colored paper and glue

5 Special Education Classroom Resources that I Use Every Day

Ok, I spend a lot of money on Teachers Pay Teachers. Anyone else? 🙋 As special education teachers, we are always on the lookout for curriculum and supplemental materials for our students with disabilities. Here are five resources that I use (almost) every day that have become a staple in my special education classroom.

As a special education teacher, I am always looking for more materials. Here are 5 special education classroom resources that I use everyday.

10 Ways to Use Punch Pass Cards

I’m here to share about one of my favorite, versatile classroom management tools: punch cards! But how can you use punch cards in the classroom? Here are ten ways.

10 ways to use punch pass cards with colorful punch cards on a desk

Least to Most Prompt Hierarchy for Listening Comprehension

I love reading novels with my students. Reading content that is interesting increases their motivation for reading, as well as their comprehension. One of my foundational beliefs is that our students with disabilities deserve access to general education curriculum. Story based literacy is one way that I've provided access. You can read more about what SBL is and how I run it here.

Discussing Strengths and Needs Through Student Led Discussions

Daily student led discussions are an essential part of the early transition planning process in my classroom. In Utah, we are required to begin transition planning at age 14 but I like to start as soon as I get new 7th graders. My students need a lot of repetition and practice with new skills and I believe middle school is an ideal time to start working on self- advocacy and self- determination. 

Fun & Easy Fine Motor Tasks

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